As we walk into the gym’s doors I froze, I felt like I was about to fall, I shivered because I was so nervous that I would fall over and make a complete fool of myself. As I sat down quietly the ceremony started.

Lee introduced Jack to talked  about being a school captain, then Jules talked how school captain made an impacted to him and then Amelia thanked many different people.

Jack Introduced Matt to talk about how we have grown past these 6 years of school and then him and our classroom teacher Jess handed out the scrolls and a little present, Tommy was first I was seconded to get handed my scroll.

After all the scrolls were handed out it was time for Grace to present her valedictory speech, it was amazing. Then Rebecca our acting principal handed out specialist awards. After that Eleanor won the excellent award, Jules won the academic achievement award and Amelia won the duxs award.

Finally there was our surprise that not many people new. When they found out they were shocked. We stunned them with a fabulous dance. When we walked out we were prod to be graduating, with our hands high in the sky.

Once we finished the dance we gave our parents a special present and then we said our goodbye’s, I will never forget all of my special bonds and memories and I hope every year 6 thinks the same.


The five senses


As I sat on the edge of the rocks people reeled in fish quickly shouting ‘I got one I got’ one.  I could smell the bait on the end of my rod I wondered why the fish liked eating that, it stank. The instructors were telling us not to get our rods tangled. I could almost taste the bait on the end of the line I could smell it from ages away. It was cold and wet as the smell of rain poured down; I could smell the saltiness of the blue ocean.

The End

Willow’s Life Story

Hi I’m Willow the dog of the house there have been humans who have wrote books but not by dogs, today I will be telling you my life story so how I live. It all started when I was 8 weeks old and I was sitting in a tiny glass cage with the rest of my brothers and sisters trying to act cute so someone would take us home. Two people walked in front of our cage didn’t look at us went straight to the fish obviously people like boring animals like a gold fish. It was days us pups sat there perfectly and still no one wanted us yet. Soon most of my sisters were gone and only 1 of my brothers it was really boring just sitting there waiting, waiting and waiting. On a warm day a little girl and her mum came in to get a mouse, the little girl ran straight up to the cage and looked at all of the puppies all my brothers and sisters ran to the glass and acted super cute I just sat in the corner and watch until the little girl pointed at me, was she really looking at me or someone on the other side of the glass it was too good to be true. Her mum came over a said no but she kept trying I was really excited and I think she was too, her mum looked at me and said how cute I was I felt like saying thank you miss but I can’t talk human. Her mum was thinking I felt like I was going to fly into the sky I was that nervous. My brothers and sisters were whining to get out. She finally said yes I ran round my cage like a speed bullet but they weren’t allowed to take me home yet because I was too young, I dropped to the floor not trying to act cute anymore. My brothers and sisters wanted to come home with me I felt sorry for them. I waited in my cage for a couple of weeks wondering when they were coming back to get me. I was half asleep when I saw the girl and another girl I was thinking I was going crazy her and the other girl came rushing over to my cage I ran to the glass and jumped up. Her mum gave the green paper stuff to the lady and then I had a family yeah. My new friend Eden and her friend Lilli sat with me in the back while we went in a giant machine that made a horrible noise. We started to get close to Lilli’s house and I needed to go to the bathroom  I couldn’t hold it any longer and all of a sudden I pooped everywhere Eden and Lilli were screaming super loud that my ear drums almost dropped. When Lilli got dropped off we went to Eden’s nans house to get my blankets out of the car because I pooped on them yuck. Eden’s Nan and pop was giving me cuddles and kisses the they let me outside to play with an old dog called Charlie, he didn’t really like me but I still tried to be his friend. Then it was time to go home, when we got home Eden and her mum put me in my bed and waited until I was fast asleep. It had past 7 months and we were getting ready for Christmas but Charlie had passed away in those months that went by and everyone missed him. It was Christmas Eve Eden and her mum had set up bowls of carrots I went out and helped myself thinking that they were mine. But they were obviously not my carrots. Then it was Christmas day that was the worst day of my life I had been trotted on, walked on and many more. 3 weeks went by and we went on a holiday to Apollo bay, I was so tired but I still had fun playing at the beach with Eden. It’s been short but it feels long I have learnt many lessons as tricks but I will never forget the first 6 months of my life.

100 Word Challenge

Looking down, I was surprised to see a huge ant taking over small town. The ant had smashed everything but I need to defeat that giant bug. Hey by the way I’m spider woman and this is my brother spider man and together we stop crimes and max destruction. Today we have to save our city from an ant that is huge and I mean huge. All we have to do is get everybody out of the town while we make a huge net well a huge spider web. I will get everybody out don’t worry I got it, it is gone now thanks for letting me help and that was the end of the bug war.

100 Word Chellenge

One spooky night a green slimy snake opened a zoo for monsters he tried to invite humans but there were to many scary things like the living dead and zombie’s. The snake had almost gave up when a blinding light had struck the zoo he slithered back into the zoo and could here many noises and sound. He couldn’t believe his eyes there were billions of people buy things looking and playing with the ugly and scary monsters. That day he had change and had been awaken from his evil side and he live happily ever and ever after.

100 Word Challenge

 The violent storm was pushing the boat from side to side on the wild waves. My mum and I were going to see my papa who is fighting in war at the moment. Hello I’m Alicia and I live with my mama and papa but papa is at war. When we got to the small bay I saw my papa I ran with my sister Bell to see him. He was bruised and wounded all over but I didn’t care as long as his safe I don’t care about nothing. Mum stuck us back on the ship to go home but we had to leave papa there.

100 Word Challenge

‘Alicia get your baby sister out of bed’, my mother screamed. Hi I’m Alicia I live in England with my mama and papa, but papa is at war. I ran down the creaky hall to wake my sister Bell up.  ‘Bell get ready to go to the lake’, I huffed. She woke up instantly as I ran down the hall to get everything ready. When we got to the lake Bell went missing me and my mother searched everywhere for her but she was nowhere to be seen.  I ran down like a hot steam train to the lake and saw a body floating and we never saw baby Bell again.

100 Word Challenge

My heart beats slowly as my mum fades away. Hi I’m Alou I live in Africa and I’m 12 years old. Today my mum had to put me on a boat to get shifted to Australia I really miss her but I know I hopefully will see her soon. My mind was ponding as the boat had 300 kids from Africa on it I was thinking that I might never see my mum ever again. There is a war happening in Africa and that’s why we are leaving when I got to Australia I saw them raising money for my people and I knew I would never see mum again.

International Day of the Girl

Today is the International Day of the Girl. This year the focus is  (Education).

I learnt that girls in different counties have to get married at a very young age round the age of  8 to 10 is which is very young to be getting married. Girls shouldn’t be getting married at that age instead they should be getting a good education, having a good time with friends and family not getting married.

I feel sorry that the girls have to do something they don’t want to do. If I didn’t go to school I wouldn’t have as many friends as I have, I wouldn’t be as smart as I am and many more all those girls properly will never be able to get a good job and I could go on and on.

What people can do about it is to do fundraises, fun run’s, charity’s and many more just think how much they have to live with, try and think what there going through, it would be hard wouldn’t it so we can help by doing things like that so think for the girls.