Project Reflection

Something I found interesting is that a zoologist also helped find the first Australian fossil. It was also interesting how he had found 29 different species of tree kangaroo. It is also interesting that I have never heard of him before I did the project.

I didn’t know about the species that Tim Flannery discovered and know I do. I also now know that Tim saved a whole species of possum.

I still wonder why I have never heard about him before the project only because he has done books, articles and many more.

One of the most important things was that Tim had been on many shows and articles that had most of the things about Tim Flannery for watching T.V on SBS that was the first time I had ever seen Tim talking about global warming.

Well the things that I have learnt are very useful in case I have another project in high school or even if I need to do a speech there are many different ways that I can use this information.

To conclude I think that Isabel and my project was good we worked hard and put a lot of time and effort in to our project and it was better to work with someone I don’t  normally work with because it’s a lot harder to work with someone your fiends with only because you have a better chance of getting distracted.

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