100 Word Challenge

Looking down, I was surprised to see a huge ant taking over small town. The ant had smashed everything but I need to defeat that giant bug. Hey by the way I’m spider woman and this is my brother spider man and together we stop crimes and max destruction. Today we have to save our city from an ant that is huge and I mean huge. All we have to do is get everybody out of the town while we make a huge net well a huge spider web. I will get everybody out don’t worry I got it, it is gone now thanks for letting me help and that was the end of the bug war.

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Hello and welcome to my blog.This is where i will show my work that i have done at school. Here is a little bit about me. NAME:Eden. ANIMALS:Dog,Fish and 2 mice. FAVOURITE COULOR:Purple. FAVOURITE ANIMALS:Dog,Rabbit and a Hores. MY HOBBIES:Little athletics. There is 5 this about me. Thank you for reading my blog. Please leave a comment.

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