100 Word Challenge

 The violent storm was pushing the boat from side to side on the wild waves. My mum and I were going to see my papa who is fighting in war at the moment. Hello I’m Alicia and I live with my mama and papa but papa is at war. When we got to the small bay I saw my papa I ran with my sister Bell to see him. He was bruised and wounded all over but I didn’t care as long as his safe I don’t care about nothing. Mum stuck us back on the ship to go home but we had to leave papa there.

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Hello and welcome to my blog.This is where i will show my work that i have done at school. Here is a little bit about me. NAME:Eden. ANIMALS:Dog,Fish and 2 mice. FAVOURITE COULOR:Purple. FAVOURITE ANIMALS:Dog,Rabbit and a Hores. MY HOBBIES:Little athletics. There is 5 this about me. Thank you for reading my blog. Please leave a comment.

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