100 Word Challenge

Looking down, I was surprised to see a huge ant taking over small town. The ant had smashed everything but I need to defeat that giant bug. Hey by the way I’m spider woman and this is my brother spider man and together we stop crimes and max destruction. Today we have to save our city from an ant that is huge and I mean huge. All we have to do is get everybody out of the town while we make a huge net well a huge spider web. I will get everybody out don’t worry I got it, it is gone now thanks for letting me help and that was the end of the bug war.

100 Word Chellenge

One spooky night a green slimy snake opened a zoo for monsters he tried to invite humans but there were to many scary things like the living dead and zombie’s. The snake had almost gave up when a blinding light had struck the zoo he slithered back into the zoo and could here many noises and sound. He couldn’t believe his eyes there were billions of people buy things looking and playing with the ugly and scary monsters. That day he had change and had been awaken from his evil side and he live happily ever and ever after.

100 Word Challenge

 The violent storm was pushing the boat from side to side on the wild waves. My mum and I were going to see my papa who is fighting in war at the moment. Hello I’m Alicia and I live with my mama and papa but papa is at war. When we got to the small bay I saw my papa I ran with my sister Bell to see him. He was bruised and wounded all over but I didn’t care as long as his safe I don’t care about nothing. Mum stuck us back on the ship to go home but we had to leave papa there.

100 Word Challenge

‘Alicia get your baby sister out of bed’, my mother screamed. Hi I’m Alicia I live in England with my mama and papa, but papa is at war. I ran down the creaky hall to wake my sister Bell up.  ‘Bell get ready to go to the lake’, I huffed. She woke up instantly as I ran down the hall to get everything ready. When we got to the lake Bell went missing me and my mother searched everywhere for her but she was nowhere to be seen.  I ran down like a hot steam train to the lake and saw a body floating and we never saw baby Bell again.

100 Word Challenge

My heart beats slowly as my mum fades away. Hi I’m Alou I live in Africa and I’m 12 years old. Today my mum had to put me on a boat to get shifted to Australia I really miss her but I know I hopefully will see her soon. My mind was ponding as the boat had 300 kids from Africa on it I was thinking that I might never see my mum ever again. There is a war happening in Africa and that’s why we are leaving when I got to Australia I saw them raising money for my people and I knew I would never see mum again.

100 Word Challenge

Once a upon a time there was six giants that lived on a sandy beach.

There reall annoying cousins Lucy,Lottie and Katie were coming to stay at the beach.

Knock Knock!Who is it Katie , Lottie and Lucy the twins all said at the same time how annoying are they.

Lucky Lucy broke her finger and she had to go to the hospital!Yes I said in a very low voice so her mother could not here me.

But we never saw my three annoying cousins Lottie ,Katie and Lucy ever agian.

And we all lived happerliy ever after.


100 word challenge

The zookeeper had a promotion for a new worker because one of the workers quit.
If they worked they would have to work with the big cats and spiders and lots more animals.
The job was a good job but not the animals you had to work with, you got a lot of money to be a zookeeper.

Three people applied for the job but only one could work with the animals.
One of the people backed out because she was scared of spiders and bug.
One of the other people fell on the ground because they were terrified of animals so the other person got the job.

100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there was a little blue bird that lived I the dark, gloomy, forest.

Then one day a wolf was found by Mr.Racoon.

The little blue bird swooped down and hit the wolf on the head with her beak.

The wolf scurried to the other side of the forest and the little blue bird never saw him again, but the next day a little mouse was running like the wind though the forest there was a black eagle flying through the trees trying to catch the poor little mouse.

The little blue bird got the eagle and everyone was safe.

100 word challenge

As the sun came out I jumped into the bath.

As the sun came out I rolled into a ball.

When the sun came out I nibbled on some pizza.

When the sun came out I grab a Racoon.

As the sunset came I brushed my teeth.

As the sunset came I brushed my doggie.

When the sun went to bed I went to sleep.

When the sun went bed I dreamed.

Here we go again.

(As the sun came out)

Funny poem made by Eden brown.

100 Word Challenge

Once upon a time there were three snowmen that lived in a big, cold, dark igloo.

One day one of the snow men walked down to the icy snow supermarket. It was her work shift at the icy cold supermarket.

She had to make money for her family because they didn’t have a heater and there igloo was freezing cold.

“Today I made 65$ that’s good but I need a lot more for the turbo heater” cried Macy.

Every day I freeze in my house, even my tears turn into ice. I’m so lonely in my little igloo.