The five senses


As I sat on the edge of the rocks people reeled in fish quickly shouting ‘I got one I got’ one.  I could smell the bait on the end of my rod I wondered why the fish liked eating that, it stank. The instructors were telling us not to get our rods tangled. I could almost taste the bait on the end of the line I could smell it from ages away. It was cold and wet as the smell of rain poured down; I could smell the saltiness of the blue ocean.

The End

Classroom Considerations

11:48 AM

5/6A will always collaborate and work together in class.


5/6A should always come ready with a positive attitude so we can enjoy the rest of the day.


We will always have a optimistic  outlook about their learning.


5/6A are expected to always let everyone have a say and respect other’s property.


In 5/6A we encourage everyone to be safe and responsible in the classroom.


In 5/6A we encourage everyone to persist with their work.