Gala day 1

Day 1: On the 8th of March we had gala sports day and I’m doing

Volley-ball yeah.

I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my veins as we walked up to the net, but I was the sub for the first game BORING right but I didn’t care because our team was wining any way.

Bounce, boing and wack! There was a volley going on, cool and then they dropped it so we won the serve and the point, double cool.

So now its team B’s turn, they walked up to the net pretty nervous like us at the start of our first game.

Bounce, boing and wack! There’s another volley going on over there come on team B you can do it, but the lost never mind better luck next time guys.

Moonee ponds it’s your next game. We hit it they wacked it all I could here was lets go Moonee ponds lets go, it was pounding in my head like a drum and we lost but we tried our best.

We lost some games and won some but either way wed had heaps of fun.

Gala day 1.

I   got  on  the bus and was telling  my friend’s that I was  very nervous. We arrived.  I felt so sick. All of the  schools were looking at us.

I was practising with my friends .”TEAM A” Nicole yelled out.

As  our team walked onto the court “WACK!” went the ball.

“Mine! In!” all the girls yelled. Essendon North won our first game.

Me and Savant ran to the swings. “Team B” Nicole yelled again.

As me and Savant made our way to court three we chanted “Let’s go MPC, Let’s go!” We cheered happily.

“Play ball” Nicole softly called.

As the warm sun hit my back I suddenly felt very tired. It was the last game.

“Team A” Nicole tiredly said.

I was some one I already knew. Her name was Lilly.

“Moonee Ponds 2nd last” The officials announced.

“Let’s go see how were the cricket people were doing.” Nicole suggested quietly.

At the end of the day, we all we got on the bus… Raelee, Jaimie, Lozzy and I and made our way back to school.

“Ding! Ding!” Went the school bell.

“Hi Mum” I tiredly said.