Explorer Proposal

Who: Tim Flannery a Zoologist and a Palaeontologist.

Why: We picked Tim Flannery because we wanted to work on some one that did zoology in Australia.

Team: I’m researching on Tim Flannery partner with my Isabel. We decided to work together because we have the same interests and likes.

How: A couple of our ideas are to have a power point and to have a little movie playing after woulds.

Asia Refection

Devlin South Korea It is densely populated, Pys, the flag is blue and red.
Matthias  Japan It’s located in north east Asia, it is a mid-sized country and the   capital is Tokyo.
Jack Brunei It is located in southeast Asia, 37457 is the population and the won   the Malaysian soccer cup in 1999.
Zoe China It is located in southeast of Asia, Beijing is the capital city and   the weather is tropical most of the time.
Alex North Korea It’s located in East Asia, population is 24,000,000 and Pyongyang is   the capital city.
Bailey Taiwan It is located In North east Asia, the weather is just right and Taipei   is the capital city.
Eleanor India It is located in south east Asia, they speak mostly Hindi and it has   a tropic clement.
Thomas Mongolia It is the 19th biggest country in the world, they are   nomadic people and it is a popular tourist destination.
Ben Myanmar It is located in south east Asia, the population is 47,758,181 and   they are manly Buddhist.
Bryn Pakistan It is located in central Asia, the population is 176,745,360 and   Rupee is the currency.
Tommy East Timor It is located in the bottom part of Indonesia, the population is   1,107,432 and Dili is the northern coast of east Timor.
Ore Philippines It is located in south east Asia, it has 136 cities and peso is the   currency.
Ella Papua new guinea It is located on the top of Australia, Motu is one of the language   the speak and the population is 5,900,200.
Isabel  Indonesia It is located in south east Asia, the population is 242,325,638, and   Jakarta is the capital city.
Imran Bangladesh It’s located in southern Asia, Islam is the main religion and Dhaka   is the capital city.
Ece Thailand It is located in south east Asia, the clement is tropical and it is   well known for its forest area.
Shakira Cambodia It is located in south east Asia, the clement is tropical and 13,995,904   is the population.
Maddy Vietnam It is located in north Asia, Tet is new year and dong is the currency.
Eamon Laos It is located in south east Asia, the population is 6.5 million and Laos   is the official language.
Theo Russia It is located in northern Asia, Slavic is the language and Moscow is   the capital city.
Julian Malaysia The capital city is KL, it is located in south china sea and the   population is 28,334,135.
Lilly Singapore Lee Kuan was the first Prime Minister, the population is 5,31 million   and Sir Stamford found Singapore
Chloe Hong Kong It is located on Chinas south coast, it is the smallest country in china and it has a Disneyland