As we walk into the gym’s doors I froze, I felt like I was about to fall, I shivered because I was so nervous that I would fall over and make a complete fool of myself. As I sat down quietly the ceremony started.

Lee introduced Jack to talked  about being a school captain, then Jules talked how school captain made an impacted to him and then Amelia thanked many different people.

Jack Introduced Matt to talk about how we have grown past these 6 years of school and then him and our classroom teacher Jess handed out the scrolls and a little present, Tommy was first I was seconded to get handed my scroll.

After all the scrolls were handed out it was time for Grace to present her valedictory speech, it was amazing. Then Rebecca our acting principal handed out specialist awards. After that Eleanor won the excellent award, Jules won the academic achievement award and Amelia won the duxs award.

Finally there was our surprise that not many people new. When they found out they were shocked. We stunned them with a fabulous dance. When we walked out we were prod to be graduating, with our hands high in the sky.

Once we finished the dance we gave our parents a special present and then we said our goodbye’s, I will never forget all of my special bonds and memories and I hope every year 6 thinks the same.


International Day of the Girl

Today is the International Day of the Girl. This year the focus is  (Education).

I learnt that girls in different counties have to get married at a very young age round the age of  8 to 10 is which is very young to be getting married. Girls shouldn’t be getting married at that age instead they should be getting a good education, having a good time with friends and family not getting married.

I feel sorry that the girls have to do something they don’t want to do. If I didn’t go to school I wouldn’t have as many friends as I have, I wouldn’t be as smart as I am and many more all those girls properly will never be able to get a good job and I could go on and on.

What people can do about it is to do fundraises, fun run’s, charity’s and many more just think how much they have to live with, try and think what there going through, it would be hard wouldn’t it so we can help by doing things like that so think for the girls.